Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! I am Dhawal and I am an engineer with Clarus Subsea Integrity. I grew up in the small historic city of Gwalior in India. Growing up in an engineering family, I was heavily influenced with engineering. I followed my father’s footsteps and studied civil engineering, and even ended up attending the same university. After completing my bachelor’s degree I moved to Florida in 2012 to attend the graduate school at the University of Florida. Yeah, I am not popular with the A&M crowd here! I moved to Houston in 2013 and started my career in oil and gas with 2H Offshore. I then joined Clarus after it was spun off from 2H in 2015.  

What 3 words describe you best?

Outgoing, cheerful, adventurous

What do you do at Clarus?

I am an integrity engineer with a structural engineering background. I am currently involved in managing the integrity management program for a major oil and gas operator in the Gulf of Mexico. I have extensive experience in conducting risk assessments for subsea production systems, developing and executing inspection plans for offshore assets, and conducting life extension assessments for ageing offshore assets.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Clarus?

Maroon Bells Peak, Colorado

I get to work with my friends!!!

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

Since my name basically sounds like “The Wall”, my colleagues gave me my very own song, "To the window, to Dhawal". One of my most memorable moments was hearing one of our VPs sing the entire song!! 

Tell us a bit about life outside work.

I am a cycling and photography enthusiast. I travel around the country and enjoy visiting different national parks trying to get a perfect picture. Here is one picture that I took of Maroon Bell peaks in Colorado. 

Fun fact!

My name is not pronounced “the Wall”. It’s actually pronounced as “Dhuh-vuhl”

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