Clarus Subsea Integrity has designed a visually intuitive web portal that can overlay on existing systems or databases. This web portal is aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of integrity management programs and reinvigorate document management.

Over an asset’s lifecycle, project stages change, personnel and contractors change, but data shouldn’t. Yet, valuable time and resources are often spent searching through vast amounts of information due to the complexity in designing, fabricating, installing, and operating a subsea development. This can lead to multiple data sources that can compromise overall quality and control.

Clarus has spent over a decade performing subsea integrity management plans, risk assessments, and engineering analysis. During this time, Clarus has seen many of the above problems cost operators hours of inefficiency and, in some cases, unnecessary action, while further driving up monetary costs in other cases due to delayed reaction time.

In order to combat these challenges, Clarus combined its strong integrity engineering experience with an effective graphical user interface to create ICUE. A web based portal that provides one access point for all of an operator’s subsea integrity management needs. What sets iCUE apart is the fact that it is designed specifically for integrity management by engineers who have completed over 2,000 subsea component risk assessments, 500 anomaly assessments, and a 100 subsea inspection campaigns.


iCUE brings key information about an operator’s particular asset to the foreground in a visual and user-friendly format. It allows quick and intuitive paths to data on a graphical user interface that can interface with any existing electronic document system. These paths enable users to obtain all of the integrity management data, on any of their components, within 5 clicks. Operators can obtain meaningful component status overviews and dig deeper into matters such as risk position, visual assessments, KPIs, inspection history, and as-built data.

Laying out data in such a way can demonstrate compliance through auditable performance history and improve operational readiness through visibility of component condition across one or multiple assets. In addition, operator’s integrity data management costs can be reduced by up to 15% with effective data mining.

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