Clarus' Vinayak Patil will be presenting at the NACE Corrosion Risk Management Conference in Houston next week. The conference takes place from 23rd - 25th May at the Houston Marriott Westchase. 

Risk Assessment Tool for Corrosion Management – A Boon or Burden? - Vinayak Patil & Dharmik Vadel

Wednesday, 25th May 2016 - 11.35am


A risk assessment is a common tool employed by Operators during different stages of an asset’s life cycle, and can be used to varying degrees of depth and detail. With newer oil and gas fields being developed in deeper water and harsher operating conditions corrosion management has become a growing challenge. In case of brown fields, extending life of existing fields by addition of new wells poses its own unique challenge for demonstrating fitness for purpose. A well implemented risk assessment should allow identification, review of operational conditions, and mitigation of credible corrosion degradation mechanisms to prevent any catastrophic failures. However, there are challenges in the application of risk assessments and translation of results into a robust plan for active management and continual improvement of ongoing corrosion management based on results of inspection and monitoring activities.

This paper discusses lessons from a decade of risk assessment application in effective corrosion risk management for offshore oil and gas fields.  Case studies will be presented to demonstrate effective use of risk assessment to support the ability to manage human involvement factor, risk management strategy updates to support changes in operational parameters, and chemicals management with respect to incompatibility of chemicals and role of monitoring. Finally, a few recommendations will be offered with an aim to evaluate and improve existing corrosion risk management practices through effective us of risk assessment as a tool for Operators. 

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