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Diving Deeper into Subsea Data Management

Clarus Subsea Integrity has designed a visually intuitive web portal that can overlay on existing systems or databases. This web portal is aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of integrity management programs and reinvigorate document management.

Over an asset’s lifecycle, project stages change, personnel and contractors change, but data shouldn’t. Yet, valuable time and resources are often spent searching through vast amounts of information due to the complexity in designing, fabricating, installing, and operating a subsea development. This can lead to multiple data sources that can compromise overall quality and control.

Clarus has spent over a decade performing subsea integrity management plans, risk assessments, and engineering analysis. During this time, Clarus has seen many of the above problems cost operators hours of inefficiency and, in some cases, unnecessary action, while further driving up monetary costs in other cases due to delayed reaction time.

In order to combat these challenges, Clarus combined its strong integrity engineering experience with an effective graphical user interface to create ICUE. A web based portal that provides one access point for all of an operator’s subsea integrity management needs. What sets iCUE apart is the fact that it is designed specifically for integrity management by engineers who have completed over 2,000 subsea component risk assessments, 500 anomaly assessments, and a 100 subsea inspection campaigns.


iCUE brings key information about an operator’s particular asset to the foreground in a visual and user-friendly format. It allows quick and intuitive paths to data on a graphical user interface that can interface with any existing electronic document system. These paths enable users to obtain all of the integrity management data, on any of their components, within 5 clicks. Operators can obtain meaningful component status overviews and dig deeper into matters such as risk position, visual assessments, KPIs, inspection history, and as-built data.

Laying out data in such a way can demonstrate compliance through auditable performance history and improve operational readiness through visibility of component condition across one or multiple assets. In addition, operator’s integrity data management costs can be reduced by up to 15% with effective data mining.

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When You Have Inadequate CP on a TTR

Problem - One of our assets was not getting adequate CP on its production riser. TSA activation was noted during the GVI giving indications that corrosion could become an issue.

Solution - Due to risk-based (non-prescriptive) inspection intervals, CP inspections allowed us to identify inadequate CP trends on the riser. With adequate time, an anode retrofit sled was designed to solve the CP disconnect for remaining service life before it became an issue.

Value Added - Using risked based inspection intervals from our integrity management program, early detection of the CP depletion on the riser was achieve and sufficient time was provided to mitigate through a retrofit sled

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Flexible Riser Integrity Assessment Approach

A lot has happened with flexible risers lately! Clarus has been asked by several clients to support assessment and evaluation of flexible riser integrity, including the independent review of annulus testing results and processing of riser monitoring data.

Click on the image to see our general approach to Flexible Riser Integrity. Clarus delivers forward-looking plans to verify the fitness for purpose and potential for life extension for flexible risers.

For more information please contact us at (832) 664-7620

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New Free Spans and Potential Concerns

Problem - Five unstraked free spans were identified during a Risk Based ROV Inspection exceeding design allowable span lengths. One was not identified during the post-installation span assessment.

Reasons for Concern - Higher stress levels due to free spans exceeding the allowable design length. Increased fatigue damage due to  Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) from bottom currents.

Solution - Static ultimate limit state stress check. VIV fatigue analysis (in-line and cross-flow).

Value - The free span assessment confirms flowline integrity and mitigation is not required. Clarus has updated the inspection workpacks to ensure newly identified spans do not progress.

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Case Study: Hull Pipping - Splash Zone Corrosion

Problem: Disbondment of the neoprene, coating failur with pitting corrosion, Wall thickness was under Tmins

Solution, CVI and Grid UT, pit gauge assessment, scheduled CVI & NDE every 6 months, used engineering assessment to determined future corrosion rates

Value Added: Parts of the recoated areas were showing signs of renewed corrosion. These areas were recoated and confirmed. After corrosion rates and corrosion allowances were determined, CVI/NDE inspection intervals were reset to two years to ensure integrity.


Click image to enlarge.

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Meet the Team - Dhawal Nashikkar

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! I am Dhawal and I am an engineer with Clarus Subsea Integrity. I grew up in the small historic city of Gwalior in India. Growing up in an engineering family, I was heavily influenced with engineering. I followed my father’s footsteps and studied civil engineering, and even ended up attending the same university. After completing my bachelor’s degree I moved to Florida in 2012 to attend the graduate school at the University of Florida. Yeah, I am not popular with the A&M crowd here! I moved to Houston in 2013 and started my career in oil and gas with 2H Offshore. I then joined Clarus after it was spun off from 2H in 2015.  

What 3 words describe you best?

Outgoing, cheerful, adventurous

What do you do at Clarus?

I am an integrity engineer with a structural engineering background. I am currently involved in managing the integrity management program for a major oil and gas operator in the Gulf of Mexico. I have extensive experience in conducting risk assessments for subsea production systems, developing and executing inspection plans for offshore assets, and conducting life extension assessments for ageing offshore assets.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Clarus?

Maroon Bells Peak, Colorado

I get to work with my friends!!!

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

Since my name basically sounds like “The Wall”, my colleagues gave me my very own song, "To the window, to Dhawal". One of my most memorable moments was hearing one of our VPs sing the entire song!! 

Tell us a bit about life outside work.

I am a cycling and photography enthusiast. I travel around the country and enjoy visiting different national parks trying to get a perfect picture. Here is one picture that I took of Maroon Bell peaks in Colorado. 

Fun fact!

My name is not pronounced “the Wall”. It’s actually pronounced as “Dhuh-vuhl”

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Subject Matter Expert - Kent Caveny

For 30 years I have been actively involved with the development, testing, procurement, use, and standardization of flexible pipe. I have participated in or chaired 20+ JIPs that developed understanding and models for flexible pipe mechanics and aging.

I edited the first Recommended Practice issued by API. I was chairman of both the API and ISO committees when ISO 13628 was issued and during revisions of API Spec 17J & 17K and RP17B.

I have worked with all three manufacturers and can read their documents in their native languages. I have supported 15+ flexible pipe projects and have worked with more than 20 operating projects to evaluate and resolve manufacturing and field issues.

I have helped operators prepare efficient and effective bid packages including specifications, scopes of work and quality plans. I add significant value to bid evaluations, concept reviews and design reviews. Both my flexible pipe background and my experience with quality plan development and implementation qualify me to conduct technical and quality audits of manufacturers. I am highly experienced at structuring and managing JIPs for flexible pipe development and evaluation. Similarly, I have lead development of new design and management concepts as exemplified by my leadership in resolving the PVDF end-fitting crisis in the mid ‘90s. To draw all this together, I have conducted and presented flexible pipe overviews and training courses.

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Subject Matter Expert - Gary Harrison

Gary has over 45 years of highly successful engineering experience with 16 years of lead pipeline engineering experience. He has participated in designing over 10 different projects and sat as the BP Pipeline authority for 7 years.

Gary has been an ASME Petroleum Division Executive Committee Member for over 7 years and also sits on the ASME International Offshore Pipeline Forum Steering Committee.

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Subject Matter Expert - Mark Cerkovnik

Mark has over 35 years of engineering experience with an emphasis on analysis and testing of structural and mechanical systems, with over 15 years of experience with deep water risers.

With a strong technical background in structural dynamics, fracture and fatigue, composites and FES, Mark advises Clarus on riser integrity projects in areas such as fitness for service, structural loading, dynamic response of riser, monitoring, corrosion control, ECA, and structural analysis.

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Subject Matter Expert - Ricky Thethi

Ricky has twenty years' experience of riser system and component design and analysis, project management, procurement, field monitoring and integrity management. His has worked with all riser types including flexible, steel catenary, freestanding, and top tensioned production and export risers, and drilling, completion and intervention risers.

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Meet The Team - Dharmik Vadel

Dharmik has over ten years of engineering experience with extensive work in development, implementation, and management of integrity management programs of SURF systems, pipelines, drilling risers, and conductors. Key areas of experience include development and implementation of corrosion management programs, delivering risk mitigation solutions, life extension, and turnkey inspection services.

Dharmik is responsible for jointly managing technical and commercial aspects of Clarus Subsea Integrity. Continued responsibility for the co-ordination of technical sales, marketing and proposal activities for Clarus, and business integration advancement with other Acteon companies.

He also has been the author and co-auther of several publications including “Effective Risk Based Integrity Management”, “Risk Assessment Tool for Corrosion Management  - Boon or Burden”, “Enhanced IM of Subsea Control Systems”, and several others.

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Clarus @ NACE Corrosion Risk Management Conference

Clarus' Vinayak Patil will be presenting at the NACE Corrosion Risk Management Conference in Houston next week. The conference takes place from 23rd - 25th May at the Houston Marriott Westchase. 

Risk Assessment Tool for Corrosion Management – A Boon or Burden? - Vinayak Patil & Dharmik Vadel

Wednesday, 25th May 2016 - 11.35am


A risk assessment is a common tool employed by Operators during different stages of an asset’s life cycle, and can be used to varying degrees of depth and detail. With newer oil and gas fields being developed in deeper water and harsher operating conditions corrosion management has become a growing challenge. In case of brown fields, extending life of existing fields by addition of new wells poses its own unique challenge for demonstrating fitness for purpose. A well implemented risk assessment should allow identification, review of operational conditions, and mitigation of credible corrosion degradation mechanisms to prevent any catastrophic failures. However, there are challenges in the application of risk assessments and translation of results into a robust plan for active management and continual improvement of ongoing corrosion management based on results of inspection and monitoring activities.

This paper discusses lessons from a decade of risk assessment application in effective corrosion risk management for offshore oil and gas fields.  Case studies will be presented to demonstrate effective use of risk assessment to support the ability to manage human involvement factor, risk management strategy updates to support changes in operational parameters, and chemicals management with respect to incompatibility of chemicals and role of monitoring. Finally, a few recommendations will be offered with an aim to evaluate and improve existing corrosion risk management practices through effective us of risk assessment as a tool for Operators. 

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Do You Have Confidence in Your Data Management?

Finding the information you need about your offshore asset can be complicated. It is often stored in different places and managed by different people, making asset management challenging and time-consuming.

We highlight some of the challenges that we have seen time and again in this infographic, and provide a simple approach on steps you can take to get your data under control, making it accessible, accurate, meaningful and useful. 

Click image to zoom in.

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Meet the Team - Meagan Busby

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m Meagan. I grew up in Texas, went to Oklahoma to get my civil engineering degree (OSU, NOT OU), then came back home to Texas! I started working at our parent company, 2H, at the beginning of 2012, right after graduation. I worked on both riser analysis and integrity management there, with the majority of my time on integrity management. Then, in mid-2014, a mysterious meeting was called in which 2H rocked the boat and announced the plan to spin-off a new IM company. I must say I was in shock for a bit there, but I’m so glad I got the privilege to start Clarus with my friends and fellow engineers!

What 3 words describe you best?

Hard-working, detailed-oriented, fun-loving

What do you do at Clarus?

My primary role at Clarus this year has been responsibility for the integrity management program of one of our client’s offshore assets. I also worked on a project to develop riser KPI limits, which is one of my key interests and strengths in IM. In addition to project work, I coordinate the internal training program at Clarus to make sure we are always learning and sharing knowledge.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Clarus?

Meagan on the high ropes

My friends! Which is everyone at this company! I love the camaraderie we have here. It is just as easy to have serious discussions about our project work as it is to poke fun at each other...and poke fun we certainly do!

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

Can I really only pick one?! Ok. April Fool’s Day. Our office manager, Jen (who we cannot live without), turned in a fake resignation letter and we all waited in suspense for the two VPs to read it. John Mac almost had a heart attack, though he did a pretty good job at maintaining his composure, and then we all laughed our hearts out. After John read the letter, we pulled the prank all over again with Dharmik, this time with John’s assistance! After we got a good laugh at Dharmik (and some pics) we all proceeded to turn in our own absurdly written resignation letters!

Tell us a bit about life outside work.

I like doing lots of different things outside of work! I’m really up for trying most anything. I like chilling at the pub with friends after work, dancing West Coast Swing, Country, and Salsa, reading, traveling, martial arts…and I ADORE being Aunty Megs to my little sugar-coated niece and nephew!

Fun fact!

My sister and I worked on an organic farm in the Czech Republic for a week last year and had the time of our lives!

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What’s the hype about HIPPS? An integrity management perspective.

The predominant topic in the oil and gas industry at the moment is cost reduction; a sharp change from a year ago when most conversations centered around technology development for today’s harsh, deepwater environments. There is one technology, however, that can help meet both of these criteria, and that is subsea HIPPS.

High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems are safety instrumented systems (SIS) and have predominantly been used in the North Sea. They have yet to be implemented in the GoM, but offer significant advantages for operators in the region. The subject was among various technologies discussed during the 7th Annual Teledyne Oil & Gas Technology Focus Day, which Clarus attended on 19th November 2015 at the Westin Memorial City. Here’s an overview of what we learned.

How do HIPPS work?

HIPPS protect downstream equipment from exceeding design pressure limitations, allowing for high pressure wells to tie in to flowlines and risers with lower pressure ratings, ultimately reducing cost. They also allow new, higher pressure wells to tie into existing, lower pressure production systems preventing the need for a new facility altogether. HIPPS monitor upstream pressure by using multiple sensors, and close the barrier valves as soon as an increase in pressure exceeds the preset level. This increase can occur due to a number of different reasons. One example could be a malfunction of the subsea tree choke, which during normal operations provides control of production pressures, resulting in an unplanned opening. Another example could be a hydrate blockage downstream of the HIPPS that causes a rapid surge in pressure upstream.

Why have HIPPS not been used in the GoM?

Actually, a subsea HIPPS is currently being developed for the Julia project in the GoM. However, they do remain a non-conventional production technology and therefore require additional approval from BSEE.  Since regulatory approval depends on historical safety data, which is lacking, the current regulatory requirements can result in a stringent qualification process.

What are the integrity considerations if I am considering a HIPPS?

The reliability of safety valves is a common challenge in the industry, with malfunctions that often result in lost production, repeated troubleshooting and, in some cases, costly intervention operations. Valve redundancy should be carefully considered during design as it can allow you to continue production operations if one valve was to malfunction.

Valve condition monitoring can establish historical safety data and operational KPIs that increase confidence and provide leading indicators before a shut-in.  
The design of the zero burst or fortified zone downstream of your HIPPS, which must be designed to allow for sufficient time for the HIPPS valves to close. The zero burst zone depends on a variety of parameters such as reservoir properties, downstream pressure rating, flow assurance design and field architecture.  Early involvement from your integrity team is crucial in ensuring quick access to reliable data and providing engineering support, especially when designing HIPPS for existing fields where there could be more limitations.

In summary, subsea HIPPS can facilitate newer wells at existing facilities to overcome technical challenges at a lower cost. Nonetheless, early involvement of your integrity team is vital in addressing the added complexity that comes with adding a HIPPS to your field and ensuring the long-term health of your asset.

Special thanks to Robert Hernandez, Sr. Technical Advisor at Granherne, whose presentation “Design and Use of Subsea High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems” at the Teledyne Oil & Gas Technology Focus Day was the motivation for this article. 


Subsea HIPPS Illustration

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Meet the Team - Vinayak Patil

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Vinayak Patil. I grew up in the city of Kolhapur in India and enjoy going back every year to visit family and friends. I received my B.Tech. in chemical engineering in 2003 and worked in that industry for few years. I moved to the US in 2007 for post-graduate studies and received my M.S. in chemical engineering in 2009. I’ve been with Clarus (originally 2H) since 2011 and I absolutely love my job. 


What 3 words describe you best?


What do you do at Clarus?

I’m an integrity specialist at Clarus and I provide support to our clients to develop and implement their subsea integrity management programs. My area of expertise is corrosion. Recently, I helped develop a set of key performance indicators to monitor the internal corrosion of subsea equipment.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Clarus?

We have such a young and energetic team. It's a nice, vibrant environment where each day is never the same. 

vinayak family fun

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

The launch toast of Clarus in January 2015. 

Tell us a bit about life outside work.          

I love traveling, watching movies, and I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. My weekends are filled with watching sports and getting together with friends. 

Fun fact!

I have five amazing siblings.

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Clarus Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification

Clarus Subsea Integrity, an Acteon company, is proud to have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification. 

The award marks the completion of verifications by an independent certification body and shows that Clarus’ working processes conform to the customer focused approach of ISO 9001. The quality management system is applicable to the provision of subsea integrity engineering services, design of integrity management systems, consultancy, fitness for service evaluation and integrity management to the subsea oil and gas industry.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognized standard in the ISO 9000 family of standards. It helps companies develop and maintain quality management systems that ensure customer requirements are consistently met through the delivery of quality products and services, and that quality is continually improved.

Clarus VP Dharmik Vadel comments, “This achievement is testament to our core values around delivering quality work that is second to none. We really do have a culture of excellence, and exceeding client expectations is a key goal for all of our team members.”

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Meet the Team - Colin Reid

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Colin Reid and I’ve been with Clarus/2H since 2013 when I graduated from college.  I studied aerospace engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but have also lived in Kansas City, MO and now Houston.  I guess there are a lot of things that I’d consider hobbies of mine, but most of my time is spent playing Ultimate Frisbee.  I play for the Space City Ultimate club here in Houston and played for the U of I in college.


What 3 words describe you best?

Driven, Witty, Easy Going

What do you do at Clarus?

I’ve been fortunate and have experience in a wide array of the work that Clarus does.  Whether it is developing subsea inspections, completing asset risk assessments, or management of a variety of different anomalies/observations I have been lucky to get hands on with all of it.

Recently, I have supported the development of our online integrity management portal, iCUE.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Clarus?

The culture at Clarus is second to none.  Not only do we have fun while working with each other, but team buildings and Friday pub are a great way to build our company culture.

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

All of it?  The evening after we had our “official” announcement with our 2H office mates sticks out in my mind because that is when I realized we were really separate from 2H and on our own.

Tell us a bit about life outside work.

I spend a ton of time playing Ultimate Frisbee or working out to get better at Ultimate.  I love to travel and have been able to visit a new country each of the past two years and I’m already planning where I’ll go in 2016.  I am also looking into getting my pilot’s license as it has always been a dream of mine. 

Fun fact!

I’m SCUBA certified and have dived the Great Barrier Reef.

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Clarus Hosts Life Extension Seminar

Clarus hosted the latest Acteon Group knowledge sharing seminar on Thursday 12th November in Houston. The event focused on offshore asset life extension and featured some great presentations from sister companies Intermoor, Pulse and Seatronics. Clarus VP John MacDonald also presented. 

The four Acteon group operating companies have successfully enabled life extension for a diverse range of offshore assets around the world. Their technical experts shared their thoughts on the challenges and emerging trends in the fields of life extension and integrity management, and an operator shared lessons learned from one of their offshore projects. 

The technical and networking event attracted participants from a range of Gulf of Mexico operators, and highlighted multiple examples of unique, cost effective and successful approaches to life extension. 

If you are interested in seeing any of these presentations, or to register for future technical events, please get in touch


Condition Assessment in Life Extension
Presented by John MacDonald, VP, Clarus Subsea Integrity
An overview on the existing and emerging technology in today's market available for condition assessment. Maturity and applicability of different methods will be reviewed along with suggestions for ways technology and engineering assessment can be used to increase confidence in life extension.

BP Wet Spool Monitoring System
Presented by JD Lan, Pipeline Integrity Engineer, BP 
A BP case study of a structural monitoring system to measure fatigue damage of a Wet Spool riser system. The monitoring data is used to assess and verify the integrity of the wet spool system for the life of field.

Autonomous Ship Hull Inspection with the Hybrid Predator/HAUV
Presented by Alistair Coutts, Senior VP, USA Region, Seatronics
An overview of how Bluefin and Seatronics are partnering to integrate the HAUV's autonomous ship hull inspection capability into the Predator ROV to create a powerful new tool for UnderWater Inspection in-Lieu of Drydocking.

Zafiro Mooring Replacement for Life Extension 
Presented by Jim Macklin, VP Engineering & Projects, InterMoor
An case study on how careful recovery, replacement, testing and inspection have allowed for recertification of the 20-year mooring system of an FPSO, without any interruption of its operations.

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Meet the Team - Travis Davidson

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Travis Davidson. After being born in Houston and acquiring an engineering degree from Texas A&MUniversity, I proceeded to move across the world and go into a completely different profession. Over the past six years, I have lived in Shanghai, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and now Houston, working for companies including a Chinese technology company, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and now Acteon. During this time, I have built business development and corporate strategies for five companies in over 15 market segments, across eight countries, and have been a part of building three start-ups. I am currently the business operations manager of Clarus, where I am being challenged everyday by some of the smartest people in the industry.

What 3 words describe you best?

Evaluative, Enthusiastic, Initiative

What do you do at Clarus?

Business operations! Which basically means I help the company grow through several channels.  I create business plans based on global analysis, process mapping, one year business objective analysis and five year corporate strategies. Then I help execute them, namely through sales, marketing, operations, finance and raising capital expenditure.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Clarus?

Clarus feels like a family without the crazy aunts and uncles. You aren’t coming to work; you’re coming to an office filled with the smartest people you know, in order to be challenged and bettered every day.

What’s your most memorable Clarus moment?

One of the vice presidents dancing on a table for his wife during a team building… this fearless leader will remain nameless!

Tell us a bit about life outside work.

There is life outside of work? I enjoy running a mile and then giving up, Aggie football, snowboarding, reading, traveling, starting little businesses, and of course, anything exceptional.  If it’s new, interesting or weird, you can bet I am the first in line to investigate.

Fun fact!

I will be traveling to Koyasan and Jigokudani in Japan for my vacation next month to hang out with the Japanese monks and snow monkeys. 

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